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Real Estate Photography

Feeling Stuck with Mediocre Photography?

Rise above the crowd with photos people enjoy looking at.

Professionally Lit vs Most Real Estate Photography


What is the Difference?

Most photographers use a method called HDR. I use professional studio lights and Photoshop to produce stunning images of your listings vastly superior to HDR. Your colors finally look natural, color casts are minimized, and the higher quality generates more interest, leading to faster sales and more money in your pocket.

Example 2


"Want a comprehensive guide to preparing your property for a photoshoot?"

View the Real Estate Shoot Prep Checklist HERE.


Overcast sky Swaps (replacing an overcast sky with a blue sky) are free on Standard and Deluxe Packages.


I also provide TV and fireplace replacements at no cost on larger shoots.

Overcast Sky Swap Example


TV & Fireplace Swap Example


Twilight Photography

Get people into the mood with twilight photos


Virtual Tours

Host showings 24/7 and rank higher on Zillow. Available for Zillow 3D and  other platforms.

  • High Dynamic Range 360 Photos

  • Get floorplans of your listings!

  • Ready within 24 hours




Homes with aerial images sell 68 percent faster than homes without. I have 4 years of aerial photography experience and produce works of art that are guaranteed to grab buyers' attention.

Drone photography is for more than just farms and large lots of land. Many real estate agents use drone photographs for all of their listings, even those in neighborhoods. The unique angles attract the eye of potential buyers.


Buyers and sellers alike love a photo of the front of the house taken 15-20 feet above ground. This straight-on photograph is more attractive and has a better perspective than an image from ground height.

Commercial and Architectural

In the age of smartphones, where anyone can take a decent picture, professional photography is critical to establish your reputation in the eyes of your customers and clients. Whether for your online portfolio, for flyers and brochures, or simply to hang on the wall in your office, I will deliver consistent, high-quality work that showcases you and what you do.


To create your perfect photo, I collaborate with interior designers, architects and you!

Shoot me an email or give me a call today!

Commercial Photography for

  • Interior Designers

  • Retail and Restaurants

  • Construction Firms

  • Hotels and Resorts

  • And More!


Andrew Keithly Photography provides photography and video services to all of Middle Tennessee including Franklin, Nashville, Brentwood, Spring Hill, Murfreesboro, and Columbia.

Ben Hathaway


"Did an excellent job of listening to what I wanted to be highlighted on the property and made my vision come true..."

Andrew Keithly Photography

Real Estate and Commercial

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