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How to Change your Social Media Usernames/Handles

Architectural photographers usually require clients to tag them in social media posts, both to remind the public that the photos are intellectual property and as a professional courtesy. The tagging is frequently mutual; architectural photographers tag their client and any other interior designers, architects, and general contractors involved in the project. This mutual tagging is part of keeping social media social!

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One issue making this more difficult is that many small businesses lack a consistent username (or handle) across their social media accounts. Your username or tag is different from your “page name”. It is how people tag your company in social media posts, and it can be changed separately from the page name. Social media and SEO best practices dictate that your handle be the same or at least as close as possible across all platforms.

If you have an obscure or generic handle, you can be hard to find. People may use your handle from a different platform, not tagging you, and potentially even giving the publicity to someone else. For instance, my original Facebook business handle was something like @andrewkeit23879875, and on another platform, it was related to drones. I changed most platforms to @akeithlyphotography once I realized people were having a hard time tagging me.

Your handle doesn’t have to be an exact copy of your page name, it can be playful and fun. Just make sure it has a logical connection to your page name.

Having the same handle across all your social media platforms will make your business easy to find, follow, and tag, and makes your branding consistent.

Here are articles that will show you how to easily change your handle:


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