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5th and Broadway Architectural Photo Breakdown

If you have not explored the new 5th and Broadway Development steps off of Music Row in downtown Nashville, you are missing out. It is a fun place to be, both from a design critique perspective and for the numerous restaurants and upscale shops. I was commissioned to photograph a restaurant, CAVA, which is a Middle Eastern equivalent of Chipotle, by Powell Architecture and Design Studio.

The highlight of the photoshoot was probably spending an hour people watching while waiting for twilight to deepen before photographing the building exterior. There were window shoppers, families out for an evening walk, and construction crews all mixing beneath a gorgeous, faintly purple sky. The restaurant staff was super obliging to all my requests, though working around an entire kitchen full of people still takes planning and patience. The only downside was paying $38 to park for a half-day.

This video breaks down the layers behind the photograph of the "assembly line", which was the heart of the photoshoot and possibly my favorite image.

The editing process was fairly easy, with only a little masking required, thanks to the high CRI lighting, and the abundance of neutral tones and straight lines incorporated into the architecture.

In all, editing this image took about 45 minutes in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Here is the final image.

Restaurant server dishing up food


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