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Photographing Architecture and Nature in the Snow

In case you were in a coma and missed it, we had a southern blizzard in Tennessee a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time since I’ve lived here that the snow has stayed for more than 24 hours.

With only a narrow window of time to capture the splendor before it became completely sullied with salt, I braved 5 inches of snow and the idiot drivers (while trying to not be one myself) and headed to Franklin, TN to capture these images with my Mavic 2 Pro.

I quickly learned that drone propellers and camera lenses accumulate ice when 200 feet up in the air, forcing me to keep flights very short!

What makes architectural photography in snow incredible, beyond the rarity of there being enough snow to photograph in Tennessee, is the startling changes it brings to an image’s contrast. Contrast is what helps us discern the shape and distance of objects and lends them definition. Despite the overcast sky, the pure white environment makes buildings pop out of the landscape.

Like black and white photography, the snow strips away much of the busy colors and patterns in the scene, allowing the structure and contrast of the architecture to take center stage.



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