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An Upscale Healthcare Interior Photoshoot

When I think of a doctor’s office, I envision a cold, sterile environment with too much florescent lighting, and not enough windows. The Vanderbilt Concierge Medicine interior buildout designed by Gilbert | McLaughlin | Casella Architects breaks that mold in a wonderful manner.

Front desk with seating, marble counters, wood paneled ceiling

I was surprised that the office is located on the top floor of a hotel. A decidedly unusual location for any medical facility! But that height separates the architecture from the busy landscape below, keeping the noise level low, and giving patients an incredible view of the Green Hills area of Nashville.

Photographing medical centers is usually pretty straightforward, and this space was only a minor exception to that rule. The incorporation of artwork and the unique division of the waiting room became prominent points of interest in several of the photographs.

Waiting room with artwork, flowers, wood paneled ceiling
The Waiting Room

The two main dilemmas of medical centers, small rooms, and bad lighting, were delightfully non-existent here. Although efficient, none of the spaces felt cramped. Comfortably bright LEDs with great color reproduction and a gently warm colorcast made my job of photographing the spaces so much easier. Many of the rooms featured broad windows, allowing God’s greatest gift to architectural photographers, natural light, to fill the spaces, adding contrast and great light to the photoshoot.

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A Few More Photos:

Exam room with window, chairs, mirror
Exam Room
Upscale Doctors Office Hallway, wood floors, artwork
Main Hallway


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