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6 Inspirational YouTube Channels for Architects and Interior Designers

Are you looking for inspiration or something fun yet educational to watch? Here are 6 YouTube Channels that discuss architecture and design or the business principles behind it.

Some of these channels target everyone who is interested in architecture and design, others are targeted specifically towards professionals in these fields. Whoever you are, you are sure to find inspiration below.

Personally, I have spent many hours watching these channels, both to learn and for fun. I have always enjoyed studying architecture, and learning about the world of architects helps me understand my clients better.

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Do you ever wish you could have coffee with some of the greatest architects in the world and hear their stories? Now you can! The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark produces weekly videos on art, literature, architecture, and design. Their Architecture Playlist has dozens of in-depth interviews with architects such as Bjarke Ingels, Junya Ishigami, and Norman Foster. The production quality is impressive, and the content is equally so. These videos are kept accessible to all audiences, but even architects with decades of experience will enjoy this amazing series.

Here is a favorite:

Eric Reinholdt is an entrepreneur architect who designs custom modern houses from his residence on an island off the coast of Maine. He creates incredible content geared toward small and medium-sized architecture firms and has over 1 million subscribers on his channel. If you don't already follow him, you should be! His videos include product and book reviews, portfolio and design advice for students and professionals alike, sketching and drawing workshops, architectural essays, and more.

What would the world be like without TED Talks? There are videos with titles such as “Metal that Breaths” and “Why Architects Need To Use Their Ears”. Regardless of whether you are a layman or a world-class architect, you are sure to find intriguing ideas and inspiration. Unfortunately, the videos aren't organized into a single playlist, so here is a query instead: (Click Here)

EntreArchitect is an online platform dedicated to helping small-firm “entrepreneur” architects succeed in business, leadership, and life. The founder, Mark LePage, hosts a weekly podcast that I enjoy listening to and has an online community with over 50,000 members. His YouTube Channel includes a mix of highlights from past podcasts, as well as some YouTube original content.

Here’s one of my favorite videos “How To Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile for Real Results”

Barry Berkus has done an incredible job at explaining concepts behind architecture in an easily understandable way with this video series titled “How to think like an Architect”. These nine short videos will help you regain the creative core that makes architecture a force that changes the world. Even if you are a seasoned architect or interior designer who finds them simplistic, they are still fantastic to share with your clients or to link on your own blog!

ArchDaily is possibly the best-known architectural platform on the planet. Their Youtube Channel features videos on architectural design, interviews with architects, and coverage of conferences and other events. It is a great channel for staying up to date with global trends and news.

Local Project promotes extraordinary design with videos about some of the most incredible residential projects in Australia and New Zealand with a focus on human-centered design. These are stories of architecture, as well as the people and narratives around design, from how it is created, to how it is used.

Like these Local Project videos? Not only are these short films visually inspiring, but they are also incredible advertising for the architecture and design firms featured in them. If you have a project you want to show the world, reach out and let me share how I can create quality documentary-style videos for your firm, large or small.

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