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Why Film and Video Matters for the AEC Industry in 2023

The year is 2023, and photography remains the number one marketing medium for architects, product manufacturers, and construction companies in the US. But video and short films are gaining recognition as powerful marketing tools. Films can showcase the essence and style of a building project, making it more accessible to potential clients.

Videos range from a simple highlights reel for social media to a short architectural documentary that can replace normal blog articles on your website, and be submitted to websites like Dwell and Architizer to generate brand awareness.

These films capture the essence of the building, showcasing the story and design behind a project, the materials used, and the craftsmanship involved in the construction process. They not only serve as marketing tools but also as a source of inspiration for other architects and designers. Countless studies have long proven that video has much greater engagement than images and text alone.

Here is a short architectural film I created. It gained over 30,000 organic views in it's first 3 months.

Here are some ways in which videos and short films help with marketing:

1. Showcase the design and aesthetics: A video or short film can showcase the design and aesthetics of a building project in a visually compelling manner. It can capture the various elements of the design, the use of materials, and the overall style of the project, which can be challenging to express in words or still images.

2. Highlight the craftsmanship: Designing and building a project takes years of dedicated work. A video or short film highlights the craftsmanship and skill involved in the construction process, which can add value to the project and impress potential clients.

3. Create a sense of emotion: Ever since the first "motion picture" was released, we knew that they create a subconscious emotional connection with the viewer. This emotional connection can help potential clients to feel connected with the company behind the building project, and makes them more likely to choose them for their own projects.

4. Increase visibility and reach: Video reaches a much wider audience than traditional marketing materials. They can be shared on social media, your website, and other online platforms, increasing visibility and brand awareness.

5. Differentiate from competitors: With so many architects and construction companies out there, it can be challenging to stand out from the competition. A film differentiates your company from competitors by showcasing your unique style and approach to construction projects.

Here is a short highlights reel created for an earth-moving company.

Here is a penthouse advertisement with sound design:

Although not universally excepted yet, video is becoming a powerful marketing tool for architects and construction companies. Whether it is a 30-second reel or a 5-minute film, it can showcase the design process of a project, create a subconscious emotional bond with viewers, and differentiate a company from its competitors, ultimately helping you build a recognizable and respected brand in the AEC industry.


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