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The Waterfall House

The Waterfall House, designed by Ryan Thewes Architect, is tucked into a hillside overlooking downtown Nashville. We only had one day on location, and we focused most of our efforts on videography, but I still had time to compose and create a few pictures of this masterpiece!

The way light interacted with the architecture was stunningly beautiful, and the dramatically varied weather we experienced throughout the day was both a challenge and a blessing. The house is 4 stories, with a garage occupying the lowest level, and a massive deck on the top floor cantilevered over the lower levels.

In the lower right-hand corner of this last image, you'll notice a T-Rex skeleton. Just a fun little detail there!

It was one heck of a long day filming and photographing this house, but it was the sort of day that makes me love my job. And the video (which will be released soon) turned out spectacularly.

See more incredible photos here:


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